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In Chiro school, 3 years ago, I developed elbow problems from manual adjustments – this developed into Carpal Tunnel Syndrome after putting together furniture for my new office – I could not feel to palpate my patients spines and had just opened my new 1st office. For the next three nights I used (Mind) on the long axis of the elbows toward the hands on either elbow while I slept, waking to use it every few hours or so. I could feel my elbows ache when I found the “sweet spot” & they ached so good the whole time the machine was on it.

Today I can write for the 1st time in 2 weeks without numbness and I can palpate to adjust my patients. Despite waking up to move the machine through the night, I’d awaken in the morning energetic and refreshed. I feel happy and my arms feel more comfortable today than when I first developed elbow pain several years ago – I can feel to write & work.

Dr. Michelle Trumps, Mandeville, LA

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