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12 Hours of Healing with the CHI Palm

A horse stepped on my foot!!! First photo is immediately after the horse stepped on my foot. The second is an hour later after having the CHI Palm on acute for an hour. I slept with the CHI Palm all night on Deep Calm. The third photo is about 12 hours later (the next morning). By using the CHI Palm, the end result was wrinkled skin, no swelling, and very little bruising. FYI. This is not normal in the world of skinny, boney feet like mine. Gotta love success stories.

As a massage therapist I worked all day standing on my feet and I realize this would not have happened had it not been for the CHI Palm.

I will add that I feel I saved about $800 avoiding X-rays and a visit to the doctor.
Day 1

Immediately after the horse stepped on my foot.

Hour Later

1 hour later with the CHI Palm.

Hour Later

About 12 hours later.

Sally Wright – Murfreesboro, TN
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