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I attribute my avoiding surgery to the CHI Palm…

On July 1, 2023, my sweet and strong pup (80 pounds, a beautiful Golden Retriever), Kody, suddenly decided to take me along on a squirrel hunt. His leash was hanging on my right wrist as we were returning to the car from a hike in our favorite land preserve. I was suddenly jerked out of my daydreaming and yanked back to my right, landing in the brush after a very painful arm pull before the leash released from my wrist. I was in shock as I noticed that my arm was kind of hanging loosely from my shoulder. Somehow, I got Kody in the car after his chase and was able to drive home, about 5 minutes away. My husband and I quickly got in his car and he drove me to the closest ER room, about 30 minutes away. After a couple of x-rays it was determined that I had not only dislocated my right shoulder but had also fractured the top of my humerus. Yikes! The on-call doctor was able to put everything back in place, gave me a sling, and told me me to see her PA on July 3. With it being a holiday weekend, I couldn’t even schedule an appointment.

As soon as we got home, I immediately recharged my CHI Palm device (Infratonic 11) and applied it to my right shoulder. I put it on the highest “acute” frequency and kept it going near the site of the fracture/dislocation almost all the time. I also rubbed it up and down my right arm and left it touCHIng the site while I slept. As you can imagine, sleeping was difficult so for a while I put the CHI Palm on the “sleep” function, still on high. After the second night I stopped sleeping with the sling. I was married to the CHI Palm until I saw the PA. He said that whether I would need surgery or not was a “gray area”, hard to tell. I was told that the MD would decide my fate a week later, on July 10. That gave me a whole week to use the CHI Palm on my arm and shoulder as much as I could, on high “acute”. That was at least 12-15 hours a day. In the meantime, I saw my physical therapist (Crossroads in Columbia, CT), who was also committed to helping me avoid surgery. He had heard of the CHI Palm so he was very supportive. What’s more, he had had the very same injury 10 years ago, so he knew exactly what I needed from his toolbox. During that week I experienced very little pain. Other than a few Tylenols and Advil, I did not take the Percocet that was prescribed. However, as I began to detoxify from the fentanyl and propofol the ER doc gave me, I had a couple of serious migraines in my crown chakra. Thank goodness for the CHI palm on top of my head! Each time I was able to get to sleep and woke up with no headache.

When I saw Dr. Bloom 10 days after the accident, he took more x-rays and confirmed that I would not need surgery. I attribute my avoiding surgery to the CHI Palm. What’s more, I could feel the bone healing more and more each day.

What’s more, I could feel the bone healing more and more each day. Two weeks after the accident, I began taking the sling off when at home; at the 3-week point I no longer needed the sling.) Normally, it is recommended to wear the sling for 4 weeks.) I continued to use the device whenever I could during my waking hours and throughout the night as I slept. As well as my open-minded and unique physical therapist, I asked Laura Graye of Medigraytions to create a unique daily meditation to encourage a deeper somatic visualization and healing with the CHI Palm still at the core of my process.

It’s been 4 weeks now since the accident, and I am using the CHI Palm when I sleep as well as a few hours during the day. Sometimes I change the frequency to a lower vibration. I also like using “balance” more often. I continue to use “sleep” when I need it, placing the CHI Palm on my heart. I’ve also added the CHI Sun – amazing! And I ordered the glove and strap for the CHI Palm which makes this healing process even easier. My physical therapist is quite impressed with how quickly I am progressing. I can’t wait to hear what the MD will say after looking at new x-rays on August 3 and seeing how much range-of-motion I have acquired. I am so grateful that I already had the CHI Palm and thought to use it immediately after the injury. Not only have I avoided surgery but also am moving quickly through the physical therapy protocol. I estimate that I have saved at least $20,000 – $30,000 in medical expenses with the help of the CHI Palm.

I acquired my first Infratonic 9 probably 10 years ago when my friend and colleague Deb Crane introduced it to me. I remember being so impressed with how much the device enhanced her work with horses. Having personally benefitted, I upgraded to the Infratonic 11 a couple of years ago. It’s a tool I have used from time to time whenever I remember it – like when I fractured my wrist 5 years ago or when my dog went limp in one leg (after applying it for a few hours, he was fine the next day). I feel intuitively I have an inner voice that guides me to use it when necessary. My husband even used it when dealing with Meniere’s a few years ago. But this most recent experience has convinced me that using my CHI Palm should be as regular as brushing my teeth. I am profoundly grateful. I’ll be sure to keep you updated about my recovery from my fractured/dislocated shoulder. I’m living in a miracle! (The CHI Sun has also become a regular activity.)

Constance Jones – North Franklin, CT
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