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I have been using the Chi Sun for 7 days and I notice a profound change.

I was very interested on hearing your comments about Mariola experiencing some detox. I agree with having people start with 1-2 minutes. I experience no detox symptoms with that. My guys said that even with that lower time, it is still working. I plan on using it the easiest way possible for me. Because it helps me sleep deeper, I am able to detox. I have noticed more urination at night but thought it was because I was drinking more water.

When I first used it for 15 minutes before bed, the immediate response was a bad headache, exhausted and feeling sleepy. I went to bed and woke up in the morning with many bad symptoms. I kept using it anyway for about 5 days and those symptoms remained. I took homeopathy and stopped using CHI Sun to get relief. The brain fog then disappeared.

Her comment about time is interesting. I am finding the same thing. I feel peaceful but go slower than usual and I have to be very focused cuz I am accident prone. I also have brain fog. This was not happening before I used the Chi Sun. I feel a bit out of my body. It could be the Sun or the detox process but I think it is the Sun and the level it takes us to. The other night, after I used it, I went to this other high place. I was very peaceful, full of love and peace. This stopped after about 10 minutes… a very nice feeling.

I can't use the Sun during that day cuz it makes me sleepy. I use The CHI Sun at night to help me sleep.

I can’t use the Sun during that day cuz it makes me sleepy. I use it at night to help me sleep. When I now go to bed I feel very grounded, peaceful and strong..a sort of “whole” feeling. For the first time, I feel like I could stop using some of my objects that I have slept with for 10 years to help break the frequencies that bother me. I am not quite ready for that….a huge step.

When I get up now, I feel peaceful, whole, and grounded. The more days I use the Sun, the longer that feeling lasts during the day.

Barbara L.
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