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I had a 65-year-old female patient with right hip replacement. Lots of anxiety regarding surgery and healing process. Began treatment with QGM 6 hours after surgery (Mind) for 20 minutes. Too painful to touch surgical area so rested the transducer about 5” away. Patient gave herself treatment for the next 3 weeks at surgery site, multiple times per day. She did not have to take painkillers. She was released from the hospital a day early. She healed so quickly that she didn’t need to complete the usual series of physical therapy treatments. She was so thrilled with such speedy recovery, that she had the courage to have her left hip replaced 6 months later. She did not have access to the QGM this time and she experienced more post-operative pain, longer recovery time and still has some residual pain 8 months later. She would like to procure her own QGM now. What a difference!

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