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I bought the Equitonic about 2 months ago to treat a tendon injury in my weanling filly. She had wacked the entensor tendon at the fetlock joint on her left front leg. The tendon showed some thickening with a lump at the site of injury. She never took a lame step but as a horse showing in breeding classes this would hurt her show record. After 2 months with no sign of diminished swelling, my vet suggested sweat wraps. The wraps only made the filly mad. They did not reduce the size of the thickening. After almost two months of 5 day a week treatments, the thickening is down about 80%. The filly’s mother has been semi-retired. She is a retired race horse that found a second career in dressage. We have been stuck at first/second level because she has arthritis in her hocks and chonic back pain. This was making her unreliable in the show ring. She was never really lame but just sore. This is the reason she was bred. I have been using the machine on her. Her attitude has changed. She is sounder than she has been in years. She is schooling third level dressage. I hope to get her back into the dressage arena and earn my USDF bronze medal with her.

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