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I give 100% of the credit to your company for saving my dog. He is a large dog and a real athlete. I have noticed a few times in the past that he will not sit all the way to the floor when I tell him to sit for his food. I suspected joint problems but these incidents involved one meal/one day and he continued to run and play with no problems. Of course, I gave him the best joint support I could find. Last week he had a very sudden onset of  pain and  fever; it was frightening to see. Bad joint pain.  I gave him Homeopathic Arnica, Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy, set my Infratonic 9 on my positioning stand and pointed it at him. It ran all night. In the morning he was better.  I ran the I-9 all day and all the next night and at that point, he was 100% recovered.  The I-9 gets the credit.  Richard, you get the credit. Thank you very much from me and from Finnegan.

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