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I use Infratonic devices daily in my practice.  I’ve been using Infratonic devices in my practice virtually daily since 1996.  I primarily use Infratonic to relax patients’ muscles before I adjust them (I’m a chiropractor). I have one in each of my treatment rooms and one at home. The one at home is my “go-to” remedy for injuries for myself, my family and my pets.  Over the years I personally have had a fractured lumbar vertebra, torn rotator cuff, several sprained ankle injuries and a badly sprained knee.  This has been my home therapy to help heal all these conditions. I also bought one for my mother who lives in assisted living and she uses hers regularly for joint pain.

The company is top-notch and easily accessible….obviously, since I’ve been a return customer many times.  5 out of 5 stars.

Lisa Wagner

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