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I’m absolutely loving the Infratonic!!! There has not been a day without using it since it has arrived. This is my story: I have suffered from an illness that lasted for 15 years. I had to take very strong medication for it and as a result, my bones became brittle (this I didn’t know at the time). I have been on a journey to bring myself back to health for the past 10 years. On that journey, my L5 had split without me knowing. Also, I have experienced a lot of nerve pain around that area. According to the orthopedic surgeon, the split healed without the bone sticking to each other and would be this way for the rest of my life. I’m secretly hoping that the vibration will teach my body to oscillate at the same frequency and stick the bone back together, even if it’s a little bit .

I have used the infrasonic 8 to support heal the bone and anything else around it. Now, I use the Infratonic 9 to continue on my journey to health. These days, I have very little to no “bone” pain (usually I have pain when there is a fluctuation in temperature). I attribute this to the changes I have made in my diet and the infrasonic 8 and now the Infratonic 9! I use the machine for every little thing I have, even when I have a soar throat. It works wonders for me. My body relaxes so much that it is also providing my body to have that extra time to rest and recover. I’m really grateful to whomever made this machine and the CHI institute for providing it.

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