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I underwent extreme stresses for more than twelve years as an at-home hospice caregiver. I was around serious emotional and physical disabilities, congestive heart failure, and ultimately death of both my parents. After they passed away, I went into constant fight-or-flight mode, totally overwhelmed and in my sympathetic nervous system. I do qigong meditation at a high level but still couldn’t break through the trauma that had taken place. Three years later, I was still unable to calm my nervous system.

After just a few weeks using the Nessor, there has been huge turnaround in my calmness and my level of well-being, to the point where I’m starting to feel like my normal self again. Achieving this level of calmness allows me to gain some distance from my negative thoughts so I can analyze them more objectively.

I’m living in the moment instead of being driven by “what if” statements. There’s this pervading sense of well-being in my body, mind, and spirit. I have more gratitude, even for the difficult events that took place. I got cursed with a brutal situation but the universe gave me the tools to fight through it.

The reality is that this machine works. It’s hard to believe sound waves can affect the central nervous system like this but they really do. I feel like I have my life back because of the Nessor.

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