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Cure Lower Back Pain

Permanent Relief from Low Back Pain

You can heal your low back pain in two simple steps:
Power of Consciousness

Step 1

Understand what really causes most low back pain.  I’m not talking about tight muscles, pinched nerves, bulging discs, inflammation, or degeneration. These are just symptoms. I’m talking about the underlying forces that really cause all these symptoms.

Many claim low back pain is a physical, or sometimes chemical problem. With this framing, they can sell you their solution. Study after controlled study shows these “solutions” do little more than cover up symptoms. They don’t solve the problem. In fact, it is the consciousness of your own body that holds the answer.

Conflicting Emotions

Step 2

The solution is simply to become aware of the conflicting emotions that have accumulated to create the physical symptoms and to hold your awareness on the areas in your body where these conflicting symptoms struggle. Simply feeling the discomfort causes the conflicts to dissolve and harmonize. This opens the door for symptoms to fade away.

Gut Health

Deep Dive

Your digestive organs are the source of your desires and aversions, at least those which affect your low back pain. Maybe you love berries but hate lima beans or sauerkraut. The left side of your abdomen, with the stomach and pancreas, is where wants are generated. Also, the right side, with liver and gallbladder, generates aversions. While the left side generates your attraction to foods, people, colors, and scents, the right side of your belly generates the desire to push away or destroy relationships, foods, and beliefs. Amazingly this is the anatomical source for everything you want, and want to get rid of.

This generation of wants and aversions all connects to your sacrum, the bone structure in your pelvis that is a focal point for your second chakra.

Just above the sacrum is the lumbar spine.

Just as the sacrum relates to your digestive organs, the lumbar is a focal point for the third chakra and is tied to your diaphragm in your upper abdomen. Your solar plexus is where your inhibitions are generated. “I am a good person so I can’t want that.” Or “It’s wrong to hurt a friend or destroy an enemy.” Or “I don’t deserve to receive what I want.” Another inhibition is “I will be punished for pursuing, or even thinking about what I want.”

Desire is focused in the sacrum and repression is focused in the lumbar area. Physically, these opposing energies meet at the battle ground between the sacrum and the 5th lumbar vertebrae L5 where most low back pain, spasms, inflammation, degeneration, and pinched nerves are caused by muscular contraction and inflammation, causing more lost hours of work than any other ailment. Thus the problem of low back pain is caused by the process of repressing the desires you don’t even know you have. This conflict between desires and repressions causes the muscle contraction and inflammation that cause all the symptoms your doctors identify. You may think that, if repressing your desires is the problem, then expressing your desires is the solution. It may sometimes help, but it is not a long-term solution.

Toward Freedom From Back Pain

Your unconscious desires and inhibitions are not something you are generally aware of.  In most cases neither your desires nor aversions are even what you consciously want for yourself. Largely, they are left over from childhood or are instinctual. Often you have desires which conflict with other desires and repressions.  If you are like the rest of us, your gut is a tangled web of conflicting wants and rules.

Your permanent answer to low back pain is to focus your conscious awareness on your abdomen and sacrum and allow your mind to wander regarding what you want and don’t allow yourself to pursue.  As you do, you will find many pains coming and going at different places in your abdomen. This process of feeling the tangled web of conflicting wants and rules brings about a progressive reorganization and reprioritization of the motivational spaghetti which has been driving your low back pain from behind the scene.

Applying CHI Palm to Sacrum

Just above the sacrum is the lumbar spine.

You can greatly accelerate this harmonizing of wants and repressions by applying your CHI Palm on Deep Calm to the L-4/L-5/sacrum area of the spine. This helps bring the unconscious to conscious awareness. During this process, when discomforts arise, you can apply your CHI Palm on Balance wherever you feel discomfort.  This accelerates the rate at which motivations harmonize. Once discomfort has diminished, move the CHI Palm back to your L5/Sacrum area and continue to follow the discomforts that emerge. This is even quicker and more effective if, each time you place the CHI Palm on a pain, you also visualize breathing love and soothing light into the discomfort.

Light Stretching

You may find it helpful to do a little gentle stretching as well.

Tight muscles store conflicts between wants and restrictions. Gentle stretching helps to activate and liberate stored conflicts.  In particular for low back pain, I suggest kneeling and bending forward to provide a gentle stretch of lower back muscles. Be very gentle because a little stretching goes a long way at liberating stored conflicts. Also, where there are lots of accumulated abnormalities like inflammation, disc compression, and bone spurs, excess stretching against tight muscles can create more pain and sometimes tissue damage. Gradual stretching is best done over weeks rather than minutes.

Emotional conflicts, when they get lodged in muscles tend to hold physical toxicity in place so it is important to stretch a little each day and allow your blood stream to carry away toxicity over weeks and months. Fresh water and healthy food help with the cleansing.

Thus, allowing your muscles to elongate as they are ready releasing pressure on vertebrae, discs, and nerves. With increased blood and lymph circulation, allow weeks and months for your nerves, bones, and discs to normalize. Freedom from stored emotional conflict allows accelerated recovery. With this two-step plan, you can have lasting freedom from low back pain which will provide lasting relief through the decades.

That's Not All

Bonus 1

You will find that it is easier and more enjoyable to pursue what you want and far more pleasant to live your life when you are free from unconscious emotional conflicts.

And there’s more, Bonus 2:

As you release stuck emotional conflicts from your body tissue, you will find that your need for pain medication fades away.

Even Better, Bonus 3:

The cost of the CHI Palm is paid for within the first few doctor visits that you avoid, and these savings add up over the years.

A systems engineer by training, he moved early in his career from efficient use of fossil fuel energy to efficient use of human energy. Human consciousness is severely crippled in most all of us compared to the full potentials of consciousness so Richard has made studying and optimizing human consciousness into a 30 year career choice.

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