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Vilcabamba, Ecuador

CHI Tour 2025 to Vilcabamba Draft Schedule

Join Us on a Journey to Vilcabamba, Ecuador - A Blue Zone of Longevity

Dates: Late February or early March 2025

Location: Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Embark on an enlightening adventure to Vilcabamba, Ecuador, renowned as a “Blue Zone” for its remarkable number of centenarians. In the 1970s, this area boasted the highest per capita count of individuals over 100 years old, living vibrant and active lives.

Discover the Secrets of Longevity:

  • Learn about the lifestyle and habits that contributed to their exceptional longevity and vitality.
  • Understand how these centenarians maintained incredible vision and physical activity, including daily long-distance walks to work in their fields.

Gain Insights for Your Own Well-being:

Explore the quality of life that inspired many innovative products offered by CHI Institute over the past decade.

Delve into key health and quality of life components such as:

  • Pure, nutrient-rich food and water
  • High-quality microbiome
  • Organic aerosols
  • Control of pathogens
  • Peaceful, contented lives
  • DNA coherence

Limited to just 12 attendees, this tour promises a personalized and transformative experience. Join us and uncover the secrets of longevity and well-being in the heart of Vilcabamba.

Vilcabamba Ecuador
2025 CHI Tour Tentative Schedule: Escape to Vilcabamba, A Blue Zone of Longevity

Day 1: Starts in the domestic departures area of Quito airport where tour participants have gathered. Ride the van for 1-2 hours depending on road conditions to Vilcabammba. Stop by the raw food juice bar for a rejuvenizing green drink. Transfer to the Izhycaluma cabins (If you want to come early you can meet us at Izhycaluma.

Afternoon: Course orientation, Qigong, and PTSD clearing.
Early Rest after dinner.

Day 2: At Izhycaluma – Qigong, Breakfast, Morning session: We travel to the Podocarpus National Rainforest and talk about Longevity, Air, food, Drugs, San Pedro, Altitude, Attitude. Hopefully, we find a Cascarilla tree.

After lunch Drive to top of my land and walk down, stopping at the upper magnetic vortex then down to the centenarian home and Return to Izhycaluma for dinner.

Day 3: At Izhycaluma – Qigong, Breakfast, Head to Leisha’s farm for live blood analysis, lectures on the importance of the microbiome of the soil, lunch, then whatever else she has prepared for us. We will either stay at Leisha’ s farm or head Back to Izhycaluma for dinner. CHI Sun discussion on causes of epigenetic distortion and effects of CHI Sun and user reports.

Day 4: At Izhycaluma for qigong and breakfast. Then discussion on My San Pedro experiences. Afternoon move to Casa Del Sol in San Pedro Valley. Light preparatory dinner followed by Evening shamanic ceremony.

Day 5: San Pedro ceremony in morning, extending to evening. Expect an unexpected transformative experience.

Day 6: Breakfast and integration at Casa Del Sol. Afternoon transfer to Central Park Hotel on the town square (CPH). CHI Palm uses and Users’ Group discussion. Dinner and early bedtime.

Day 7: Qigong and breakfast at CPH. Leisha will come to our hotel to present individual reports for each of us on her findings with Microscope blood analysis of our microbiome. It will take several hours. The rest of us can shop and explore around town. Dinner, then review of methods: Movement, breath, Challenge, Intention, attunement, Sovereignty, Presence.

Day 8: Qigong and breakfast at the CPH. Morning short presentation and “complete” training on how to apply classical homeopathy. Farewell dinner at a downtown restaurant.

Day 9: Depart for Catamayo for flight to Quito. Or, if you want to extend your stay, you’re on your own to stay for as long as you want.

Vilcabamba, Ecuador
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