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Dissolve Menstrual Cramp

Dissolve Menstrual Cramps Fast

The CHI Palm reduces menstrual pain and mood swings as has been experienced by thousands of women over the last 30 years. Here’s a note from a long-time happy user:

From Geraldine Vaurigard – 5 out of 5 stars

I use the CHI machine for emotional and stress clearing at least twice a week. At onset of menses, it can feel like a heavy cloak descends on my being. After treatment, this feeling lightens and cramps are lessened considerably. PMS and perimenopausal symptoms. Menstrual cramps, anxiety, mood swings (I bought my first CHI machine 6 years ago for a knee injury that it helped heal and discovered it for this use, which I continue to use).

[Deep Calm] place around abdomen – area of cramps for 5 minutes. Move to different areas. [Balance] treat the 7 chakras, 1 minute each. [Acute] over thymus and on balls of feet. Sweep entire body. Cramps dissipate, emotions balance out. Feel calm and centered. Usually only need to treat once during cycle. If needed, repeat procedure. Optimism.

CHI Palm: Menstrual Pain Relief

Making Peace with Menstruation

In this insightful blog post, delve into the transformative power of CHI Palm and earlier Infratonics technology in alleviating menstrual symptoms. Gain a comprehensive understanding of how the CHI Palm provides holistic support for menstrual health, offering a breakthrough solution for women seeking natural, effective relief.

If you know a friend or family member who suffers from menstrual issues or other pelvic pain, please forward this blog post to them. You can remind them that we offer a 30 day unconditional return guarantee if they don’t experience fast, substantial relief.

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