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Chaos Therapy (Stochastic Resonance Therapy)

When I got my first Qi Simulators (infrasonic therapy units) I noticed that some worked and some didn’t. One of the key ingredients was randomness in the signal. This launched me on many years of research into the different forms of randomness that can enhance effectiveness. The result was the first Chaos Therapy device. Infrasonic Therapy with a high degree of randomness. Why is randomness so important?

Emotional Inflammation: Exploring the Unseen Influence on Our Body’s Reaction

A crowd can become inflamed before charging into battle. Kindling must become inflamed before it burns. From this perspective, inflammation…

Inflammation and the Body’s Cry: Decoding the Cellular Primal Scream

When cells feel threatened, they react. Often they act intelligently. When we get a splinter, they create inflammation which makes…

Setting Fire to Misconceptions: The Real Deal on Inflammation

We kick off with an overview of inflammation – its purpose, and its benefits. In the second part, we’ll explore…

CHI Palm: The History and Research

Discover the benefits of the CHI Palm Infratonic 11: This article explores the technology, research, and science behind this incredible device.

World-Wide Chaos Therapy

We often take our lives for granted, but not these days. Around the world, there is chaos. We are told…

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