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Chaos Healing Therapy

Riding the Wild Chaos: A Journey to Accelerated Healing

Chaos Theory offers an amazing window into healing. From this perspective, living beings are self-organizing systems which live within a constantly changing and often chaotic environments.

You may have noticed that Chaos comes in waves. Sometimes your life seems to be a magnet for Chaos. It builds up more and more until you feel as if you will blow up in one way or another. Then, something happens, everything abruptly changes and challenges in your life seem to fall together and your life is somehow fundamentally different. Then it all starts again.

Chaos comes in waves…
Said in terms of Chaos theory, Chaos builds up in systems. Then at some point when the system starts to go unstable, it abruptly reorganizes into a higher, simpler level of organization under the influence of what they call a “strange attractor”. The nature of this strange attractor remains a mystery. It is a necessary component to the theory because otherwise our lives would spin into ever-increasing Chaos every time. Non-scientists often try to explain this strange attractor in familiar terms:
The Hand of God
The Prayers of Loving Friends
Your Intentions

Doctors take the approach of fixing obvious problems like removing diseased tissue, setting broken bones, and stitching torn flesh back together. They then often invoke the strange attractor:

“Let nature take its course.”
“It’s in God’s hands now.”

At Chi Institute we take the approach that the Wild Chaos can be tamed and directed to make the events in our lives less disruptive and more productive. Over the years we have developed a wide spectrum of Chaos Therapy products to facilitate your journey.

The CHI Stone stimulates your electric field with chaotic pulses to tighten and strengthen your vital field, protecting you from intrusive emotions and EMF fields.

The CHI Palm, our latest in a long series of Infratonic devices, uses chaotic low frequencies to break up rebellious cellular behavior behind pain and inflammation and to shape the strange attractor to bring cells and organs throughout your body into teamwork and cooperation to accelerate recovery from whatever ails you.

The CHI Shield and Chi Guards remove chaotic ionizing radiation from your vital field, providing mental clarity and reducing that disruptive electrical buzz many feel in their nervous system when close to power lines and electrical equipment.

Finally there’s the CHI Sun which we will roll out in the third quarter of 2023. TheCHI Sun CHI Sun simulates the healing Strange Attractor emanated by our Sun. It dissolves much of the artificial influence on our bodies and our health introduced by technologies. Then it helps restore attunement with the higher Strange Attractor influences from Nature and our own Higher Self.

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A systems engineer by training, he moved early in his career from efficient use of fossil fuel energy to efficient use of human energy. Human consciousness is severely crippled in most all of us compared to the full potentials of consciousness so Richard has made studying and optimizing human consciousness into a 30 year career choice.

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