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CHI Guard Home

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Reduced Free Radicals & Inflammation in the Home

The CHI Guard is a small device that clears and protects you from Oxidative Pollution as you drive (Auto CHI Guard) or from the atmosphere at home (Home CHI Guard). Broadly, this form of contamination leads to pain and inflammation, chronic disease, and impaired physical and mental performance. When plugged into the charging outlet of your car, the Auto CHI Guard connects to the metal body of the car, which then pulls Oxidative Pollution from the cab. Similarly, when plugged into a wall outlet at home, the Home CHI Guard connects to the electrical framework within the walls of the house to pull Oxidative Pollution from the home.

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How does the CHI Guard Home work?

Plugging in the CHI Guard is much like flipping a switch on a machine. Once the CHI Guard is plugged into an electrical outlet of your home, it uses our SludgeBuster Technology to drain the Oxidative Pollution from the wiring, and through multiple stages of crystalline transitions steps down the dangerous oxidative potentials to nurturing frequencies. It can be thought of as a pile of rocks at the bottom of a waterfall which receive the dangerous high velocity water and repeatedly scatter it until it again becomes a gentle river again.

What is the problem that the CHI Guard Home solves?

Agricultural burning as well as automobile combustion and local forest fires are the root causes of Oxidative Pollution at ground level. As old plant life is burned, oxygen is converted to carbon dioxide and the resulting Oxidative Pollution (molecular bond energy released from chemical combustion) is stored in the air. This attacks humans as well as farms and forests. It also increases likelihood and rapid expansion of wildfires. Oxidative Pollution in the air causes symptoms like headaches, irritability, stiffness, anxiety, and even road rage, to name a few. It enters our bodies through the lungs and the skin.

Once in the body, it attacks fats and sugars in the blood and turns them to free radicals that become such things as plaque which plugs heart arteries, causes cataracts, and attacks the brain. We most commonly see the effects of Oxidative Pollution, as the increased free radicals and inflammation, and in the longer term, symptoms of aging and chronic illness.

How long does it work?

The CHI Guard Home will work whenever it is plugged into the electrical socket. It will eliminate oxidative pollution for 30 years or more.

How do I use the CHI Guard?

Plug it in. Then go live life. It’s that simple. Plugging in the CHI Guard is much like flipping a switch on a machine. Once the CHI Guard is plugged in, its components absorb oxidative pollution from the entire wiring system. However, the home’s wiring system acts as a giant antenna, constantly collecting oxidative pollution from the air. This means that it will be most effective if plugged in next to those devices or places you use the most. If you use your computer the most, plug in your Chi Guard into the same power strip where your computer, monitor, and printer are plugged in. If your WiFi equipment is the greatest problem, plug it in to the same power strip or outlet where the WfFi is plugged in. For the best sleeping, plug a CHI guard into a socket that is closest to your bed.

How can the CHI Guard help me?

Our customers report the following benefits:

  • Improved concentration while driving (CHI Guard Auto)
  • Increased alertness during long drives (CHI Guard Auto)
  • More productivity (Auto & Home)
  • Increased mental clarity (Auto & Home)

Users have also experienced (for both CHI Guard Auto & Home):

  • Reduced headaches
  • Reduced stiffness
  • Reduced irritability
  • Elimination of headaches
Can I easily fit it into my already busy life?

Absolutely. Just plug in and go.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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Dimensions 4.75 × 3 × 1.60 in

1 review for CHI Guard Home

  1. Arlene (verified owner)

    Very good product

    • Madisyn Horning

      Thank you Arlene! We agree!

      – The CHI Team

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