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CHI Shield


The CHI Shield is worn as a necklace over the center of the chest, and it works to strengthen one’s vital field by ridding the body of harmful contaminants. It utilizes jade, which is an iron-rich material, to connect with the magnetic field that is created by circulating blood.

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  • Reduction in joint pain
  • Sense of mental clarity
  • Improved vision
  • Utilizes SludgeBuster technology, where three separate alloys act as frequency transformers within the CHI Shield. The harmful contaminants that it draws are stepped down through all three transformers – starting at high intensity ultraviolet, then to medium, then to “harmless energies” (equivalent to low intensity ultraviolet and visible light) – which is done in the form of vibration in the bonds that connect atoms in molecules.
  • Ideally, the Shield is worn as much as is practical for you. Wear it over the center of the chest, where it will have maximum interaction with the magnetic field that is produced by the heart and circulatory system.
  • It is common to feel tired or slight discomfort within the first few hours of wearing the CHI Shield. This is temporary, and it is a sign that your blood is transporting contaminants within the body to your kidneys for elimination, meaning the body’s natural healing processes are hard at work.
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Can the CHI Shield get wet?

Yes, water will not harm or damage the Shield in any way. However, please be aware that the cord that the Shield comes with may not hold up to constant water exposure; but it can easily be switched out for any chain, so you don’t have to worry about it again!

Does the Shield become less effective over time?

The CHI Shield’s abilities are based upon a precise assembly of alloys and materials. As long as it remains assembled and intact, it will be effective for years on end.

I’ve been using my CHI Shield, but I can’t tell if it’s working. What should I look for?

After starting to wear your Shield, you may experience feelings of tiredness or discomfort. This is temporary and should only last a few hours as toxins are removed from your blood stream. It is a good sign and points to the healing processes of your body being hard at work to eliminate contaminants from your body. Once those feelings subside, it is common that the first change people notice is improved vision and a sense of mental clarity. Over the first few days, you may also notice a significant reduction in joint pain.

*Although many people have reported experiencing the above changes within days of wearing their Shield, long-term changes can take much longer (even years) to see.

1 review for CHI Shield

  1. Lizzy

    I have the previous model. I love this new design. I appreciate the grounded feeling I have while wearing my CHI Shield.

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.1875 lbs


1.125 (Circumference) x .1875
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