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Oxidative Pollution Fuels Pneumonia

Oxidative Pollution Fuels Pneumonia

It has long been known that air pollution weakens the lungs, making it easier for a common flu to turn into pneumonia.  Wuhan, China, the center of the latest outbreak of flu is one of the most polluted cities in the world. Some have claimed that this pollution made a large contribution to the severity of the outbreak.

Combustion, even clean combustion, fills the air with extremely high energy photons which become absorbed by air molecules. When we breathe this air, this ionizing potential attacks our lungs, weakening them, increasing free radicals throughout our bodies, and increasing our susceptibility to pneumonia.

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How has Oxidative Pollution complicated your Pneumonia? Engage with others, share your questions, thoughts and ideas in the comment section below.

A systems engineer by training, he moved early in his career from efficient use of fossil fuel energy to efficient use of human energy. Human consciousness is severely crippled in most all of us compared to the full potentials of consciousness so Richard has made studying and optimizing human consciousness into a 30 year career choice.

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