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Mostly, I use the Infratonic machine at the localized area of pain. I also use it for my immune system by placing it on the meridian points between the chest. I like the results I get using the machine locally on the points of pain. Recently I injured my wrist, resulting in a multiple sprain. The very first treatment with the Infratonic machine, for 10-20 minutes, took away all the throbbing and pain. I used it on my wrist over the weekend and noticed about a 60% improvement. By the end of the two weeks, there was an 80% improvement. This was much quicker healing than I had hoped for. I am able to use my wrist almost to full capacity now, and I am very pleased with the role the Infratonic machine was able to play in the healing process.

-Dr. Frank Kinslow (Burton, MI)

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