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A few months ago, I got into a head-on collision which left me very traumatized to drive. I was driving with my grandson in the truck when an oncoming car failed to stop at his light and ran into us at about 50 miles an hour. We were checked out at the hospital for physical problems and released with bumps, bruises, and sore spots. Emotionally, I was very affected and found that I literally could not get behind the wheel of my car to drive anywhere. I would shake uncontrollably and go into a full-blown panic attack just sitting in the driver’s seat. For two months, I stayed home and relied on others for rides (even as a passenger, I was very scared and nervous on the inside. I felt very jumpy and insecure and expected that someone would hit us. Fortunately, that did not happen).

A few months after the accident, I had a session on the Nessor machine and was able to release a lot of trauma that was being held in my body, and felt pretty good after the session. I had no expectations about the outcome and had gone in with only a sense of interest and curiosity, so imagine my surprise when we got outside and I actually wanted to drive home. I was excited to get behind the wheel and as I drove home, following my friend in her car, I kept repeating the affirmations over and over. I was cautious driving; I did drive slower than usual, but had no panic attacks, no shaking, no breathing issues, and no sense of dread or impending accidents. And as I kept repeating the affirmations, I felt better and better with each mile.

Today I am back to driving full time, which is a huge blessing because we live way out in the country and everywhere is at least 30 minutes away. I really do believe in the power of this amazing machine. I am so very grateful to have found my former safe, confident, driving self.

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