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My son recently began using the Nessor device. He prompted me to give it a try for my food addiction and, well, stubborn behavior. I agreed to do so with an open but skeptical mind. You see, I’m 70 now and for most of my life, I’ve had food addiction issues. So much so that I would see bag after bag of potato chips disappearing into the mouth even being a full-blown diabetic. With all I’ve tried, my last resort has been to simply tell my family that I’ve given up… accepting that I would eat my way into an early grave.

After the first treatment with the Nessor, I didn’t feel a thing… and that’s just it. The next day, I had no desire to binge on chips and bread. The treatment didn’t feel like it was even doing anything, but the result? My food cravings were simply gone. As a skeptic, all I can do is put two and two together. I have no idea how it did this. I just know that my life has changed.

Since then, I have had two follow-up Nessor treatments. My family tells me my attitude is better and I feel more gratitude and abundance in my life. But the most notable thing… l still don’t feel a heavy charge around food. While I get a twinge from time to time, I won’t lie, I’ve been put on a new course and have already lost almost ten pounds .

Everything has changed and is getting better. All I have to attribute to this radical shift is the treatments with the Nessor. Thank you to the developers. I’m a free man after a forty-year sentence to food addiction.

Much love!

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