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At my farm, we use the CHI Palm all the time. The  CHI Palm Leash easy to handle for myself & definitely in treating the animal by using the leash, I felt I still had more leeway in how I handled my CHI unit when treating an animal- if an animal makes a sudden movement they could dislodge the device from our hand, potentially dropping or bumping it. The leash prevents or inhibits that danger, while yielding control and comfort.

For example: I let one of our volunteers borrow my unit, his main challenge being the small of his back. By using the Leash he could ‘hold onto’ the Palm & adjust or retrieve its location, with ease.

Recently I was treating a horse who came to us about a decade ago with neurological issues. He loves his CHI treatments but his movements can become unpredictable. As I was holding the device (with the Leash on, thank goodness) working on his rather large shoulder area, he was nearly dozing then suddenly reacted to the sensations of the Palm which pitched him slightly in my direction. He did not fully lose his balance but in order to help him stabilize I placed my hands along his muscle line until he relaxed again so we could resume his session. Had I not had the Leash on, his need of my immediate attention might have caused me to drop my unit & damage it! Instead, we happily resumed our session and, as usual, he found great relief in his Palm time

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