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I no longer suffer from migraines since I started using the Sludge Busters (CHI Guards) and the Vital Harmony Pendant (CHI Shield). That’s a huge deal for me! I’m studying to become a Chiropractor and started getting terrible headaches when I went to school, I think it may have been due to radiation from all the computer and other lab equipment. I’m very sensitive to EMF’s. I realized I couldn’t be having these migraines while trying to ascertain this scientific information, so I saw my Chiropractor and he introduced me to Sound Vitality’s (CHI Institute’s) products. Of course, I do other things as well, but I swear since I started wearing the vital harmony pendant and using the Sludge Busters (CHI Guards), it’s completely different. I don’t have the headaches anymore! It has to be because of these products because I haven’t changed anything else. And it was immediate. I didn’t have to wait to see the results.

I also have an easier time driving long distances now that I have the Auto Sludge Buster (CHI Guard Auto). I’m way less stiff and irritable. That’s helped me tremendously. I was so impressed by the [Sludge Buster, CHI Guard] that I bought one for my mom, who works in the hospital. She gets bad joint pain, which has been lessening ever since we started using the [Sludge Buster, CHI Guard]. She thinks it’s helping her, too. For someone like my mom who normally doesn’t feel change very quickly, that’s huge. I just want to say that I 100% believe in your products! Once I have my own practice, I’m going to use them to help my own clients feel better.

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