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Sometimes, if my mornings are a bit flustered or not in my set routine – my day begins with turning and knots in my stomach, foot tapping and hand shaking. This usually puts me in a state of over thinking and stress, in hence, makes my anxiety sky rocket throughout the day.

I walked into work this morning and Richard, the inventor, came to me and asked, “do you get anxiety?”

Of course, Richard, not knowing that this morning was full of flusters and anxiety; I replied “yes, sometimes. I can feel it in my stomach, when my head and my heart are arguing; my stomach is the one to normally react first.”

He then passes me the Chi Stone- after around the first minute mark, he asks, “How does it feel?” Not much of a change per say as a minute ago but more sense of calm, my hands are less shaky than before.

Ten minutes passes: my stomach is not knotted like before; my foot stop tapping, and a relief of calmness lingers in my area. After nearly 3 hours with the device, a long hour counseling session (which tends to put me in my head); my hands are not shaking at all, my stomach is unknotted, and I am calm.

I almost describe this sense of calmness with the device as a blanket or bubble around me. Allowing these negative emotions to diminish and replacing them with emotions of clarity and calmness

I have been using the CHI Stone off and on for about 3 weeks now. I tend to use the stone in the morning time- I find that it helps calm my nerves in the morning- shaky hands, upset stomach. I believe using it in the morning, allows me to ground myself – clarity and preparedness for the day.

In my personal life, one of my main focuses have been to truly look at a situation before formulation my own reaction- more self-awareness. With the Chi Stone I find myself, when in a frustrating or emotionally overwhelming situation, touching the stone in my pocket- I will just hold the stone in my hand for a couple seconds, I have found this allows me to breathe, take a step back and look at the whole picture. I have been able to control my reactions to people in my life who have always been emotionally disruptive.

As Richard best explained it, “The Chi Stone allows your physical body to be in a state of calm- sanctuary moments which allows your conscious mind to take the whole into consideration- not using your analytical mind which is memories based on reactive lies that your body knows.”

The Chi Stone has offered me a sense of clarity in my life. I am more calm, understanding and self-aware of my emotions and reactions to others around me.

Madisyn Horning
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