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I have been with CHI Institute for about 8 years and I currently have the Infratonic 9! I have had 12 surgeries ranging from spine, shoulder rebuilding, and knees. The first 2 surgeries I did not have an Infratonic: I was in rehab for far to long trying to recover. The next 10 surgeries, the Infratonic has not only cut the time for rehabilitation in half but reduced swelling and allowed for easier movement. I use my Infratonic all over my body, sometimes once a day to a couple times a day- depending on my pain. It has helped keep my arthritis down and reduce stiffness in my body. I sweep my Infratonic around my body and points of pain, beginning with balance and moving to the deeper signals throughout.

I have recommended this product to friends! I had a friend come to my house who was experience severe stiffness in their knee, after 3 treatments the swelling was reduced and made them more mobile. No issues after that! 6 out of 5 stars for me!

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