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I find these days that I am always happy. It is an actual Presence that hums through my being no matter what is going on outside of myself. I would say it is Happiness, but also a Love for all beings as I ‘know’ our Oneness. The more I stay connected, the stronger it becomes and the more the ‘world’ fades away. I know it is a result of all the work I’ve done, with the recent help of the Chi Sun, to remove the blocks to Love’s presence, my Connection to Source. I am finally finding my true Self, ironically by losing myself.

I knew when I was drawn to take a somewhat mindless job at this grocery store that there was a reason for it, so I trusted my HS and took it. I am not hampered by a lot of responsibility/problem solving and have learned the freedom of just ‘being’ in the world, I am always extremely happy at work and freely express it around others. That has proven to be interesting. Many are drawn to it, though they don’t understand that it is the Light of the Happiness/Source that they are drawn to, and not the physical form it is expressing through. Others are repelled/afraid of the Light they are sensing and I’ve learned to dial the happiness down to a gentle level that they can handle.

People’s reactions to Light is extremely interesting. In the case of one old man, a little unnerving as I’m afraid he’s going to start stalking me (interesting because I think he feels a need to stomp this Light out by use of his ‘religious’ ideas). But fascinating because they have no idea what it is that draws or repels them. It reminds me of sleepwalkers. Sometimes I haven’t had a chance to ‘read’ someone who shows up in my line and this Light hits them, some will actually rear backwards as if being physically hit, some shrink backwards, some are fascinated and I watch them studying me trying to figure it out.

It’s all been an interesting lesson for me. One that I don’t really understand why it is important for me to learn…but here I am.

Meeting your essence above on this beautiful, cold Sunday morning.
– Connie Otso –
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