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Navigating School and the CHI Sun

CHI SunI met Richard though fated chance, a common occurrence, I’m coming to realize, when the intriguing energies of the CHI are involved. I shared with him how overwhelming college and life had been. Almost intuitively, Richard lent me a CHI Sun with minimal explanation about its mechanisms or uses. He encouraged me to use it. I prefer going into most experiences without much pretext, as I believe it leads to more authentic and unbiased outcomes. As such, my experience with the CHI Sun was uninformed, and I used it for the first three days while falling asleep.

My initial observation was entering a deep, almost meditative half-sleep state when placing the CHI Sun on my heart as I lay down for the night. For the first time in months, I felt not just a sense of peace but the absence of thought, feeling, emotion, and attachment. I wasn’t even aware of how much emotional weight I carried until it was lifted. When the first stage of the CHI Sun session came to its natural end, I opened my eyes after some time, feeling a peace I hadn’t experienced in a long time. For a survivor of domestic violence, the accumulated and normalized adrenal fatigue one carries can cast a perpetual shadow of uncertainty, dread, and anticipation over one’s mind, heart, and mood. It’s easy to lose sight of what life can be without it.

Upon switching the CHI Sun to its second setting, I rapidly fell into a deep, dreamless sleep and woke up the next morning feeling refreshed and rested for the first time in a very long while. That morning, intrusive thoughts of doubt and doom, which had become like shadowed companions, were replaced by a vision of a spiraling beam of light rising from my crown and piercing the darkness that had shrouded my life for months, possibly years. In its sudden absence, I realized that the darkness, once so familiar and consistent, had become an integral part of my subconscious, visible to me only in its absence.

I maintained my CHI Sun routine for the next three days. It’s important to avoid making broad assumptions since causation doesn’t necessarily imply correlation. However, in the week that followed, various long-standing issues in my life reached their climax. These issues had slowly been unfolding and contributing to a sense of disharmony. The dissonance between my heart and mind had persisted for months, if not years. Whether it was a matter of timing, the natural alignment of multiple factors, or the assistance of the CHI Sun’s chaotic frequencies, it’s clear that during those three days of use, events in my life fell into place more smoothly, and I found it easier to process and integrate them, moving toward an emotional peak.

— J Sutton —
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