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I have recently acquired a horse who has been diagnosed with navicular and PSSM. Blayne we first started with him he could barely walk. We had a farrier specialist out to do some corrective work with his feet, we seen a difference in him but he was still struggling. His diet was changed to best suit a horse with PSSM and still we seen him in pain. A friend of mine had recently bought and Equitonic 9 and I asked her to come treat him for me. The day of treatment he seemed as though he had turned into jello. By the next morning I turned him lose in the arena and he was tossing his head(which he had never done before) trotting much more comfortable, and even trying to play(which he also had t really done before) I placed an order for my own machine just the other day and I’m beyond excited to keep him on a routine treatment schedule and see what the outcome is! I also have a horse with EPM and arthritis in his hock, as well as another rescue, and three other healthy horses that I’m sure are going to love the benefits that this machine provides!

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