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I recently purchased the Nessor unit from Sound Vitality (CHI Institute). As an advanced Craniosacral practitioner and Reiki master, I’m a bit wary of new gadgets on the market. Promising the moon and stars only to fall quite short of the hype. Well, all I can say is, thank god I listened to my intuition on this one. I’ve only had one treatment with the Nessor, using it exactly as the directions dictated. The results? Absolutely amazing. As an extreme sensitive in tune with subtle energy, I could actually feel the cells in my body opening into a flux of sorts. By the end of the short treatment, I knew something wonderful had begun.

Armed with the powerful confirmation phrases given with the unit, I embarked on a neuro-reeducation experience, which was far from placebo or imagination. A single treatment has changed the way people respond to my presence across the board. In the extreme neoplastic state the Nessor put me into (a state of heightened neurological malleability), I could feel the confirmation phrases I was repeating actually entering the cells of my body as new and solid belief (an actualized form of thought). It was a fantastic experience actually witnessing the birth of new cell memory… the changing of a traumatic, limiting history in just minutes. Over the next two days, the confirmations I continued doing began feeling like emotional fact rather than words. So much so that they actually took on a feeling of aliveness, evolving into higher, more powerful statements. The end result? My life has been changed for the better in just ONE treatment. Nothing I have done to date has come close to the use of this device and I thank Richard and the whole research team for their loving work and dedication. The Nessor project is a beautiful humanitarian outreach.


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