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CHI Stone and Air Travel

What the CHI Stone Teaches

The CHI Stone teaches you that you really have a vital field, and it is important to your quality of life!

It makes your vital field less permeable to outside energetic influences, including the adverse environment found on an airplane and the emotional discomfort found in shopping centers and crowds generally. It also strengthens your ability to process mental and emotional overwhelm, making it easier to navigate stressful or emotionally volatile situations. 

The permeability of your vital field is not something most people are aware of. Many practice “bracing themselves,” by preparing energetically for challenging circumstances. Others are unprotected and absorb whatever emotional turmoil is thrown at them. The CHI Stone allows you to feel the difference between a vulnerable field and protected field.  

A great way to learn from the CHI Stone on an airplane flight is to forget to turn it on. If you are sensitive to long flights, you will begin to feel tension in your body, and maybe fire or agitation in your head. Switching it on and putting it in your pocket will relieve most of your symptoms of discomfort within 10 minutes. If you don’t tend to feel agitated or tired during the flight, another way is to carry an extra CHI Stone on long flights and wait until somebody around you feels strong discomfort. Just ask them to hold the CHI Stone for a few minutes. Their symptoms of discomfort will fade within 10 minutes. This immediately shows you the difference between an open, vulnerable field, and a coherent, protected field.  

CHI Stone and Air Travel

Another area where it is easy to learn what the CHI Stone has to teach us is with our anxiousness. A surprisingly large number of people feel anxious all the time no matter the circumstance. If you can feel that anxious feeling within you, you will notice it disappearing within a minute of holding a CHI Stone in your hand. This response to the CHI Stone teaches that the sense of chronic anxiousness is not fixed. It is, rather a trained unconscious reaction, a constant vigilance that something unexpected and bad is likely to happen any minute. It fades with the CHI Stone. With practice, many can learn to cause it to fade without the CHI Stone. Thus using it to dissipate anxious feelings shows you that this constant vigilance may be a choice, that you can explore and learn where those deep unconscious programs of vigilance live within you. Was it caused by an early childhood with a violent or erratic parent or sibling? By exploring your unconscious reactivity, you can reprogram your body to expect safety and security instead of vigilance.  

Another situation where our CHI Stone might teach you something important is exposure to crowds, such as shopping malls and cocktail parties. Many of us are empathetic, able to feel the emotions of other people. These highly sensitive people often absorb other’s feelings into their own bodies and are unaware of the difference between their own emotions and those absorbed from another. By turning on the CHI Stone and putting it in your pocket, your field suddenly becomes less permeable, you only feel your own emotions and not the emotions of the crowds around you. This separation of emotions is significant, teaching you which feelings are not yours. This is an important lesson to learn for those with strong empathetic tendencies. For these people, the CHI Stone can be helpful in an office or factory where there are annoying employees or abusive supervisors.  

Many choose to use the CHI Stone whenever entering adverse environments. Those who are curious or want to have greater influence over their own lives will study the difference between using the CHI Stone and not using it. This strategy helps discover that through your own intention, you have more control over your experience of an environment than previously believed.  

If you get mentally stressed out or emotionally overloaded, the CHI Stone teaches us to allow ourselves to discover that it is the strength and coherence of your vital field that allows you to process thoughts and emotions clearly. When you feel overloaded, simply turn on the CHI Stone. Wait a few minutes and notice if it feels like your problems have faded away. Not only will you find yourself free of overload, stress, and emotional fatigue, but you will find that understanding and solutions come more easily to you. You will discover that the coherence of your vital field often determines the quality of your life.  

When would you use our CHI Stone? Engage with others, share your questions, thoughts and ideas in the comment section below!

A systems engineer by training, he moved early in his career from efficient use of fossil fuel energy to efficient use of human energy. Human consciousness is severely crippled in most all of us compared to the full potentials of consciousness so Richard has made studying and optimizing human consciousness into a 30 year career choice.

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