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What Makes Bones Heal Faster?

What Makes Bones Heal Faster?

Broken bones are some of the most violent, painful, and debilitating injuries we can suffer. They stand out as the most physical and obvious injuries your body can suffer. The good news is that your body can recover from virtually every broken bone if circumstances are right, often more quickly than with tendon and ligament injuries. However, where things aren’t right, non-union fractures can result in a lifetime of pain and debility.

Broken bones heal faster when:
a. the break is properly aligned,
b. fear-based tension in the body is minimized, and
c. the body as a whole cooperates toward accelerated healing, manufacturing more hyaluronic acid (HA) and transporting it to the fracture site.

This may seem too simple. While I have seen many cases of accelerated bone healing, my research base stems from equine inflammation studies (see An Investigation into the Nature of Inflammation in the Hocks of Horses with Mechanical Stochastic Resonance Acupuncture Therapy and Mechanical Stochastic Resonance Therapy Restores Joints and Muscle Injuries on Standard-bred Races Horses).

In these studies we learned that the CHI Palm brings rapid reduction in inflammation and pain. Then, over a period of 5 weeks, increases hyaluronic acid (HA) production and accelerates muscle healing.

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Does this also apply to bone healing?

Bones, of course, are not muscles or joints, however, an article The Application of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) in Bone Regeneration tells us that the healing mechanisms for bones, muscles, and connective tissue are very similar. In all these cases, HA plays a big role in cell and nutrient transport. It provides rapid revascularization (rebuilding damaged capillaries). It repairs damaged cell walls, and provides the structure or scaffolding around which the healing proceeds. Bones are made of about 2/3 inorganic materials like Calcium and about 1/3 organic scaffolding. HA moves to conform to the pattern of the etheric template to guide the healing similar to what happens when HA holds the skin and connective tissue together.

This is the same HA that was found to increase abundantly in joints during the equine research. While most cells and the extracellular matrix are 100% organic materials and can be repaired quickly by HA, healing bone fracture sites start out with the HA informed template. Then, as the healing progresses, this HA structure becomes increasingly mineralized, filled in with calcium and other minerals. In normal bone healing of a perfectly aligned fracture, this requires about a month, though can take much longer in cases where there are major gaps at the fracture site.

Hyaluronic Acid Molecule
Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a Remarkable Molecule

Coiled like a spring, HA can relax or tighten according to the needs of the body. These HA molecules can transport themselves through the body like worms, extending and contracting. They can also attach to and transport stem cells, fibroblasts, and other ingredients as needed at the fracture site. HA acts intelligently, doing whatever is needed to facilitate healing or whatever else is required of it. The human consciousness that directs the healing process also directs the actions of the army of HA molecules. However, this healing activity often slows or stops altogether. Why?

An old, hardened and inflamed scar tissue illustrates this as a parallel to an old non-union fracture. Both are great examples of the role of HA in healing. Applying the CHI Palm to hard, inflamed, painful scar tissue for just 5 minutes causes the HA to relax and for the scar tissue to start to reform into more flexible, normal tissue. In both cases, the cause for impeded healing is often a paralysis experienced at the human level as fear, which causes the coiled springs of HA to remain tightly coiled the way we tighten up when we anticipate an impact. This limits mobility, revascularization, and tissue repair, creating inflexible and often inflamed scar tissue and preventing the free transport of healing nutrients needed for normal healing. The same happens with bones. Where human level emotions impede healing, we get inflammation, pain, and non-union fractures.

The Value of Sweeping with the CHI Palm

Many have achieved great results with sweeping. This action, holding the CHI Palm a few inches from the body and moving it slowly from head to toe a few times as if using a spray head to wash mud off the skin, dispels the subtle effects of fear in the body tissues allowing the HA throughout the body to relax, gain mobility, migrate to the site of the fracture, and go to work repairing previously ignored damage in the body. Sweeping over the whole body liberates available HA resources. This relaxation also liberates the cells, particularly skin and myofascial cells to produce more HA, which makes more HA available.

Sweep the CHI Palm from head to toe repeatedly to relax the HA and promote HA production in the skin and myofascia. Stretching and meditation can increase this effect. Then apply the Chi Palm directly to the fracture to focus the migration of HA to where it is needed.

You may think you can increase HA by taking it in pill form. This can help but doesn’t do a lot because the digestive system breaks down most of the HA into it’s component sugars
Digestion breaks most oral HA into sugars like Fructose and Glucose

The average 150 lb person has roughly 15 grams of HA in the body, 30% of which is oxidized and replaced mostly by the skin and connective tissues each day. By comparison, a HA dietary supplement provides only about 0.3 grams per pill. Not only is this just 6% of what the body makes each day, but also, most of the oral HA is broken down in the digestive process. To increase the amount of HA the skin makes each day it is far more effective to spend 3 minutes each day sweeping the entire body with the CHI Palm than taking an oral HA supplement.

When seeking to accelerate the healing of a broken bone, it is most effective to first sweep for three minutes then to apply the CHI Palm directly to the fracture site for 15 to 30 minutes daily. We have received reports of several cases where a person applies the CHI Palm daily to the site of the broken bone site then gets an x-ray a month later and the doctor can’t find the fracture on the x-ray. A few times the doctor has sent the patient back to get an x-ray of the other side of the body thinking the x-ray technician got confused between left and right.

Liberating your body’s ability to heal itself contributes to every sort of healing, reducing residual chronic pain and debility and gets you back in action faster.
Hyaluronic Acid

A systems engineer by training, he moved early in his career from efficient use of fossil fuel energy to efficient use of human energy. Human consciousness is severely crippled in most all of us compared to the full potentials of consciousness so Richard has made studying and optimizing human consciousness into a 30 year career choice.

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