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I received more pain the first time I tried the Infratonic. What’s going on?

Increased pain is a frequent sensation after surgery conducted under anesthesia. This is because, while anesthesia prevents the conscious mind from feeling pain, the cells can store very intense cellular trauma. We find that applying the Infratonic 9 from three feet away often causes just a slight tingling in the surgery site. Bringing it closer to the surgery site over a day or two allows the intense cellular trauma to be replaced with cellular cooperation which often improves the overall outcome of the surgery.

When pain has been repressed for a long time with pain killers or nerve blocks, the brain and nervous system lower the rate of communication to the affected area. This is the body’s way of hiding from unresolved pain. However, this is at the expense of the normal healing process which requires brain involvement.  Infratonic therapy facilitates nerves which reestablishes the lost communication with the affected area which, initially, can increase the pain. This is a sign that the treatment is working. Where people have reported an initial increase in pain, they almost universally report a highly significant improvement in their condition later on. For those who experience increased pain we encourage not using it for a day, then applying it for just a few minutes at first to awaken the nerves more gradually and to be sure the body is ready for more general Infratonic therapy.  

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