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Is Your Stress Crippling Your Quality of Life

Is Stress Crippling Your Quality of Life?

Do you feel excess stress lately? How are you managing it? Most traditionally try to numb their feelings with alcohol, medications, or other drugs, often leading us on a downward spiral because feeling our feelings is what gives our lives meaning, joy, and passion. Do manufacturers who push drugs even understand what stress is? OR, are they simply selling you something, with an end goal of creating an addiction?

You are the ultimate decision maker in your life. In a time of heightened stress, it’s time to honestly evaluate your present solution. At CHI Institute we offer tools that enhance your human experience. This means living your life, experiencing your fully active feelings, able to fully experience joy, fascination, love, and passion.

What is stress? Stress is something that happens inside of you. It is how you react to upsetting words, images, chemicals, or events. Content that disagrees with your worldview can be particularly disturbing. Also, you have probably noticed that stimuli can be much more disturbing when you are tired or already overloaded.

Stress occurs when your emotional body, the magnetic field created by your heart, gets filled with a high degree of turbulence, or when you are exhausted, and your emotional body gets so small that you can’t process much emotional content. At this point small irritations can feel like huge stress.

When we numb our emotional body with prescription drugs or over the counter solutions, we are repressing the disturbing content. We are not allowing it to be processed. We propose several pathways toward enhancing your human experience. These pathways expand your emotional field and provide you tools to cultivate an attitude of compromise, forgiveness, or tolerance.

As you may have discovered, when you get a massage, your stress seems to fade away. This process combines relaxing of physical tension and expanding your emotional field. This gives you a chance to process stuck emotions. It feels good too! Feeling your body involves moving from your thoughts and worries into your emotional body, which further expands the emotional field.

The Infratonic 9 provides results similar to a massage. It expands your magnetic field and provides soothing unpredictable signals that gently break up stuck emotions and allow your stress to dissolve. Infratonic therapy can be applied anytime you feel a buildup of stress. Many use their it when they get home from work. The Infratonic 9 encourages emotional relaxation along with mental sharpness. Lately, many of us are experiencing news overload. This is a perfect time to pull your Infratonic out of the closet for a 15-minute stress release session.

Others use their Infratonic before sleep to disperse the accumulation of stresses that build up during a busy day, promoting deep, uninterrupted, health promoting sleep. Children who are acting out because of a buildup of stress return to their normal mood within 5 minutes of applying the Infratonic to their chest, quickly bringing peace to the household.

Do other CHI offerings contribute to reduced stress? YES!

First, 8 Steps to Life is our new FREE e-Book series, signup now! Every chapter offers exercises which will reduce your stress. The best part is that it is FREE! If you are already signed up for our newsletter, you will receive your first chapter of our FREE e-Book series.

Second, The CHI Stone is very good at instantly strengthening and protecting the emotional field. It’s a convenient tool, the size of a small stone. When you tend to get scattered and overwhelmed, the CHI Stone can bring your field back together within minutes.  You can use it before going into a crowded store or if you have a fear of public speaking, flying, going outside, or just about anything else, you can just switch your CHI Stone on and put it back in your pocket before you engage in fear invoking activities. You will find that it calms down your overwhelming stress within minutes, creating what many have described as a bubble of protection.

Third, The CHI Shield and CHI Guards (Auto & Home) greatly reduce elevated inflammation from oxidative pollution. This is also really important for stress because oxidative pollution gets into the nervous system and creates an electrical nerve irritation that can make us highly reactive. This is best illustrated by road rage and feelings of irritation during long drives. In another application, plugging in a Home CHI Guard next to your computer can reduce the stress of long computer use.  Simply reducing your exposure to oxidative pollution by using these products can greatly decrease your level of stress.

Finally, we have the Nessor. Where you have unconscious reactivity like vigilance, reactive rage, and other forms of unconscious behavioral patterning, the Nessor offers a system of reducing the negative influence of this unconscious reactivity on your quality of life.

These are stressful times. It’s time to ask, “is my solution working for me?” If not, it’s time to evaluate every one of our offerings, from the 8 Steps to Life to the Nessor. Each addresses a different aspect of our body’s balance and resilience and is a natural way to reduce stress and enhance your human experience. Feel free to try them out and send back any that don’t help for a full refund.

Engage your Tribe, share your questions, thoughts and ideas in the comment section below!

A systems engineer by training, he moved early in his career from efficient use of fossil fuel energy to efficient use of human energy. Human consciousness is severely crippled in most all of us compared to the full potentials of consciousness so Richard has made studying and optimizing human consciousness into a 30 year career choice.

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