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CHI Guard Auto


The CHI Guard Auto helps to clear the atmosphere within your vehicle to protect you from harmful pollutants that are produced through the car’s electrical framework while driving. Continuous exposure to these pollutants can lead to issues such as an increase in pain, irritability (ex. road rage), and dampened mental acuity.

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Plug your CHI Guard into a cigarette lighter or auxiliary outlet today and feel safe knowing that an extra layer of protection is hard at work in your vehicle. Soon, you may even notice that you experience less headaches and find relief from feelings of stiffness and anxiety.


  • Increased concentration while driving
  • Increased alertness during long drives
  • Increased productivity and mental clarity

Plug in to the charging outlet of your car. The device will continue to work as long as it is in contact with an electrical connection.

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If the CHI Guard Auto remains plugged into my car, will it drain the battery?

Not at all! Even if your vehicle allows the charger to be used while the engine is off, the car will turn off the charging capabilities after a certain period of time in order to extend the life of its battery.

2 reviews for CHI Guard Auto

  1. Liz M.

    I am in sales and therefore travel in my car daily. After 6+ hour drives I used to find myself irritable, tired and always with a headache. Last week I plugged the [CHI Guard] into my car’s adapter and this was the first time I did not have a headache after my long drives. I felt more alert throughout my day and the long car rides were much more enjoyable. It’s also so convenient that I can still charge my phone through the USB slots. I love this product!

  2. Nancy R.

    I really like the CHI Guard for my car. It makes me concentrate better. Thank you.

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.1875 lbs


2.75 x 1 x 1 in
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