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Are EMFs Good for You?

Are EMFs Good for You?

The human vital field is remarkable in its ability to protect our bodies from environmental hazards…well, most of the time. The human vital field is only fully effective when it is fully vitalized. It has electrical and magnetic properties, so it can conduct and resonate with a broad spectrum of electromagnetic signals. However, it can also block electromagnetic signals.

As it turns out, a variety of effects can disable our vital field. Emotions like fear, shock, worry, and adrenaline/cortisol from fight-or-flight experiences, can depress our immune system. Processed grains, sugars, alcohol and drugs can disable it. Intense sun exposure or avoiding sun exposure can do it too.

Simple sunshine as it turns out, we need the energy of UVB radiation in our bodies to build a wide variety of neuro- and immune chemicals like Vitamin D Moderate sun exposure increases endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine receptors in the brain to enhance mood. People who have more exposure to sunlight have less high blood pressure and cardiovascular-related mortality. They also have better sleep, brain function, and bone health. Surprisingly, increased sun exposure is not correlated with increased mortality.  Moderate sun exposure has been shown to decrease the likelihood of skin cancer and other forms of cancer. Of course, excess sun and especially repeated severe sunburns can be a source of cancer. Moderation, as opposed to abstinence from the sun’s rays, a middle road is our healthiest option.

A “fear the sun” campaign over the last several decades which has sold huge amounts of sunscreen and has caused many to avoid sunlight.

This is such a big problem noAre EMFs Good for You?w that a large percentage of the population is now not getting enough UVB radiation to produce needed neuro and immune chemicals, including Vitamin D.  This means immune systems have been crippled. In addition, sunscreen lotions that contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide in nano-particle form have been shown to increase skin cancer. In this case, the answer is far worse than the problem, especially if the “problem” is moderate sun exposure.

Sunlight carries a broad spectrum of EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) from far infrared which is gently warming to UVC radiation which can create free radicals in the body. Fortunately, the air absorbs almost all the UVC, which means direct exposure to the sun’s rays is nurturing in moderation. However, the air continues to transport this ionizing potential to our lungs and skin in the form of oxidative pollution.

Below far infrared are radio waves and even lower frequencies. Are these dangerous? This is a very popular question these days. I believe the answer is, nobody is sure, but probably not. I have seen cases where EMFs were measurable in a person’s body. In one case, electrodes found the frequency of a local FM radio station whereas this was not measurable in her husband. In a few cases, I have seen people resonating with 60Hz.

In other cases I was surprised to measure people who were meditating on the crystalline core of the earth resonating at 25 Hz. To me, this means that our vital field can be tuned to receive particular frequencies. It may also mean that, when the vitality of our vital fields is weak, we are more likely to allow EMFs to resonate in our bodies.

Are EMFs Good for You?

The human vital field can, in most cases, filter out EMF frequencies. Does this mean EMFs are sometimes dangerous? Possibly. But more likely, it is dangerous to have a weak vital field. A big question here is whether those who are most sensitive can learn to tune their vital fields toward or away from particular EMF fields. In my research, test subjects have found it is easy to reduce their resonance with these fields by intending to connect their vital field with Earth.

However, for people who don’t know how to tune into Earth, is it dangerous to have an electromagnetic frequency play within our bodies? I don’t know. I have not seen research to support this. I have seen research by independent researchers that claims this, but blinded research, where done, has shown that the effects of EMFs generated by residential equipment are minimal when blinded protocols are followed.

Any electromagnetic fields that cause tissue healing in the body can potentially cause tissue damage. Where signal strength can be turned way up, like inside a microwave oven, next to a communication tower, or exposed to military weapons, it can do this kind of damage. However, nearly all emissions from residential equipment like Wi-Fi are so low in intensity that they do not cause tissue damage from heating.

One conclusion we have come to at CHI Institute is that, in most reported studies which claim that EMFs cause disease, Oxidative Pollution is the true unseen cause.

Oxidative Pollution and ultraviolet light appear to be the only forms of EMF that can cause symptoms that parallel radiation burns like redness, heat, itching, numbness, etc. More importantly, Oxidative Pollution can travel quickly along metal wires running to electronic equipment, and more slowly through the air. It seems probable that independent researchers who find symptoms like redness, heat, itching, numbness in EMF experiments have been too quick to blame observed symptoms on low frequency electromagnetic frequencies, and have not even considered the possibility that Oxidative Pollution is the true cause.

I know EMF is a HOT topic! People really want something to blame for their suffering and often grasp at whatever they see. Our research indicates that Oxidative Pollution, the invisible ionizing energy carried by our air, is a far more likely cause.

A systems engineer by training, he moved early in his career from efficient use of fossil fuel energy to efficient use of human energy. Human consciousness is severely crippled in most all of us compared to the full potentials of consciousness so Richard has made studying and optimizing human consciousness into a 30 year career choice.

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  1. We appreciate all comments:

    TGI wrote: “Apparently you haven’t seen the thousands of studies proving that 5G is dangerous for us. Most are not evolved enough to shield/protect themselves. I live between 2 5G installations and get headaches since they’ve been installed. Tell my body EMFs are not harmful.”

    I agree with you. EMFs are harmful. The first question is, Which EMFs are harmful? The second, and more important question is, What can we do about it? It is important to understand the problem before imposing a solution.

    Many studies have been done through the decades that show that the latest electronic technology connected to electrical power is dangerous. 60Hz is measurable from unused extension cords that remain plugged in. Living near major 60Hz power lines was shown to increase the incidence of brain cancer. Then there were rechargeable home phones, then WiFi and smart meters, and now 5G. Is GHz radiation more dangerous than 60Hz powerline emissions? I don’t know. I don’t know if that has even been studied. (we have a blinded study in progress which has been bogged down by the COVID lockdown.) Is 5G dangerous simply because it is plugged into 60Hz powerlines?

    I am not saying that the growing level of electromagnetic emissions in our lives is not harmful. I just don’t think it is productive to blame it on the first piece of electronic equipment we see in a room. My issue with all of this is that there is an invisible gorilla in the room. While there is Ghz radiation from modern cell phones and WiFi, MHz radiation from FM radio broadcast stations, kHz radiation from AM radio stations and many modern appliances, and 60Hz radiation from everything plugged into our electrical power grid, I haven’t seen anything that compares the danger of these different forms of EMFs, and nothing that compares them to the Ionizing THz (terahertz) radiation of UVC that is carried in the air and through all power lines. This extremely high frequency radiation of ultraviolet light, Oxidative Polllution, is everywhere and travels more easily through wires than through air, so it is more intense near broadcast towers, cellphone towers, electrical extension cords and reading lamps. How can we differentiate between 5G and Oxidative Pollution? Switch off the 5G and see if the effect diminishes.

    Unblinded research has found that 60Hz powerlines and 5G towers are associated with elevated inflammatory diseases. Blinded studies show us that the effect is related to proximity of the test subject to electronic equipment, the electrical grid and busy motorways, not whether a suspect device like a 5G router is turned on or off. In fact, it appears that our worldwide growing epidemic of chronic illness is largely due to the increase in our combustion of fossil fuels in cars, factories, power plants, and agricultural burning which produces THz oxidative pollution in our neighborhoods.

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