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Kirlian Photography

Quantifying Qi through Kirlian Photography  

Flight Attendant Kirlian PhotographyThe CHI Stone is the latest product that measurably strengthens the human vital field in many ways.  Here is some of the early CHI research that led to the development of the CHI Stone.

Kirlian photography can be used to assess deficiencies in Yin and Yang aspects of Qi, and to determine the effectiveness of treatment to enhance the energetic aspects of health. It illustrates the effectiveness of deep breathing exercises to both students and instructors. Often students are inspired when they see for themselves that a simple exercise can truly increase their vitality so quickly and easily. Back in the 1990’s CHI Institute was one of the primary suppliers of Kirlian Instant Cameras.  Kirlian photography is valuable in research to evaluate the energy enhancement claims of energy products and supplements. A baseline is first established through Kirlian pictures, then the therapy or equipment is applied as instructed for a few minutes or even weeks. The post-test photos, compared to pretest photos provides objective verification of energy enhancement claims. Unfortunately, the Polaroid film needed to operate this camera was discontinued and is no longer available.

Kirlian photography is a technique in which a high voltage is applied to a metal plate behind photographic film. People place their fingers on the film and the high voltage discharge ionizes the air around the finger. The resulting light, called corona discharge, is recorded on the film to become the Kirlian image. While the amount of current (number of electrons) that flows through the circuit remains the same, the amount of light produced varies with the vitality of the person.

As electrons stream from the film to the finger they create streamers. As electrons flow away from the fingers, they form pools, which appear in the photos as balls. Thus, the streamers indicate electrons streaming into the fingers, and balls indicate electrons coming out of the fingers.

A person who is low on magnetic substance, the stuff that makes up the meridians of the body, will have very weak pictures. Also, a person who has extensive streamers but few balls has electrical conductivity but is deficient in electrical vitality. Electrons produce light as they go into the fingers, carrying vitality from the environment, but don’t produce light when they come back out again, showing that electrons in the body are devitalized.

This can be understood in terms of Yin and Yang. The cause of low conductivity, deficient magnetic material, can be viewed as Yin deficiency, whereas deficiency of free electrons can be viewed as Yang deficiency.

Moisture and the Kirlian Image

In the 1960’s, western scientists rejected Kirlian photography because they claimed that the phenomenon was a measure of moisture on the fingers. Some researchers had found that making the fingers perspire by putting them in a plastic bag made the Kirlian image disappear. Others found that, by inducing perspiration through aerobic exercise, they made the Kirlian image brighter. Even though they got opposite results, in order to discredit Kirlian photography they agreed that moisture was the dominant factor. In truth, Qi is the dominant factor, as the following experiment illustrates:

Two identical washrooms with identical towels were prepared, but one was equipped with added magnets in the aerator of the faucet in the sink that magnetized the flow of water in the faucet. Before washing hands, people were found to have relatively bright Kirlian images. After washing in magnetically treated water, their images dimmed somewhat, indicating that some magnetic material was removed. But after washing in normal tap water, their images almost disappeared. And after another wash in the magnetically treated water, their images reappeared.

As you can see, magnetic energy can somehow be stored in water, and can be transferred to and from the human body, altering the brightness of a Kirlian image with consistent control of electron flow. This is a revolutionary finding, for it offers objective quantification of the magnetic, or Yin, aspect of Qi.

Note: Health practitioners who wash hands after seeing patients may be better off washing their hands with plain water because it might remove the patient’s toxic Qi better than magnetized water.  On the other hand, frequent hand washing might contribute to lowered energy at the end of the day.  Given that hand washing is so prevalent in medical venues, more research is clearly needed. (ed. with the recent popularity of disposable latex gloves instead of hand washing, “germs” may be controlled, but is toxic Qi more of a factor now in hospitals?)

Cancer and the Kirlian Image

As I reviewed literature on Kirlian photography, I came across several studies on the relationship of the Kirlian image to cancer. This research indicates that the Kirlian images of cancer patients are dominated by streamers. The suggestion is that tumors extract available electrical vitality from electrons.

This was not initially found on my visit to a tumor hospital in mainland China. Instead cancer patients were found to have no pictures at all. They were so weak, they had such low Yin Qi or magnetic energy, that very little electricity flowed through them.

To get a Kirlian image, they were treated with the Infratonic on K-1 point on the bottoms of their feet for 20 minutes. This increased the vitality of their hands sufficiently that we could get an image. We took second Kirlian photographs and found that, indeed, all were deficient in negative ions. All had extensive streamers which had been masked by low conductivity.

Vitality is quantifiable in scientific, electromagnetic terms. It is real can be studied. The fact that these findings correlate with the Chinese concepts of Qi also opens the door for western researchers to explore the science of traditional Chinese medicine with deeper understanding of Qi, Yin, and Yang. The fact that the strength of the human vital field is so easily measurable  paved the way for the development of the CHI Stone, which is the 5th generation of vitalizers, improved more and more as we learned about what strengthens the human vital field.


Do you own a CHI Stone, how is your user experience? Engage your Tribe, share your questions, thoughts and ideas in the comment section below!

A systems engineer by training, he moved early in his career from efficient use of fossil fuel energy to efficient use of human energy. Human consciousness is severely crippled in most all of us compared to the full potentials of consciousness so Richard has made studying and optimizing human consciousness into a 30 year career choice.

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