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Qi Deficiency in Children

Digestive Qi Deficiency in Children

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[While traveling in China I met Dr. He Qingnan who had participated in and helped to prepare this most interesting study which focuses specifically on symptoms of Qi deficiency and shows the effectiveness of the Infratonic QGM.]

3.1 Digestive Qi Deficiency in Children

Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Pediatrics Department and Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Academy,Bio-Chemistry Department and Qigong Research Department.

Three hundred children with a variety of digestive disorders were treated with the Infratonic QGM (older version of the Infratonic). Each had several signs of digestive Qi deficiency. The listed symptoms are such signs. Only those children who exhibited several of the signs were included in the study. Of these children, 121 had sustained symptoms for between two weeks and four years, while 179 had sustained symptoms from two to six years. Treatment consisted of applying the Infratonic QGM to the lower back for two 10 minute periods each day for six days. The following is a summary of the results:

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