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Jing, Qi, and Shen

For thousands of years traditional Chinese medicine has taught and lived by the theory of “Three Treasures”, a philosophy which states that there are three elements essential to sustaining human life. These elements are Qi (energy), Shen (spirit) and Jing (essence).

Shen: Cultivating the Wisdom

Much has been written about “thinking but not knowing”. This is analytical processing without.…

When is Anxiety not Panic?

I just learned an amazing bit of trivia you can try out on your friends: Panic attacks are a disease…

Strengthening the Vital Field with the CHI Stone.

The Chi Stone has taught us that there really is a human vital field by repeatedly making it stronger. This…

Nightmare at 30,000 Feet

Many travelers feel exhausted and out-of-whack after a long plane flight. For some, it is a nightmare. Without supplemental magnetic…

Digestive Qi Deficiency in Children

300 children with a variety of digestive disorders were treated with the Infratonic

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