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2020: Year of Becoming

2020: The Year of Becoming

The entire world is in transition with two billion people still locked down because of the virus and riots in many countries against the lockdowns. The Chaos continues to grow. A worldwide transition into the unknown is brewing. Prayers are being answered.

CHI Institute has also been in major transition this year. We have stepped fully into our original name, CHI Institute. We have built an entirely new website,, which delivers our message better than ever before: “Enhance Your Human Experience”. We have more fully stepped into our role of education.

You may remember our article from a year ago “Cozy Therapy” which, without mentioning the virus, showed that keeping the whole body warm greatly strengthened the immune system against most invisible pathogens (Cozy Therapy Article). We put it out on a national press release, and to our surprise, a big time PBS producer picked it up and is currently working on a PBS special featuring Oxidative Pollution and CHI’s message of Enhance Your Human Experience. We expect it air in early to mid 2021.

There is a growing world-wide awakening that we can no longer trust big government and big tech to care about us. Around the world people are waking up and choosing to take their health and well-being into their own hands where it has always belonged. At CHI Institute, we encourage you to take even more into your own hands. We have been programmed to be dependable employees and dependable consumers. This is not what being human beings is all about. Consciousness, inner awareness, and appreciation are the final frontier. We aim to provide every explorer the tools needed to put their health into their own hands.

After a three-year development project, we are now expect our new CHI Palms to arrive within days and will ship them around the world! This represents a huge advancement in Infratonic technology and early reviews are very enthusiastic.

We have also launched research and development projects which we believe will lead to major releases of new products by mid 2021. These products amplify Bioelectric Vitality to catalyze transformational growth like never before. As 2020 winds down, are a bullish about 2021 both for ourselves and for all of humanity.

Many Blessings for the New Year!!!
Richard Lee

A systems engineer by training, he moved early in his career from efficient use of fossil fuel energy to efficient use of human energy. Human consciousness is severely crippled in most all of us compared to the full potentials of consciousness so Richard has made studying and optimizing human consciousness into a 30 year career choice.

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  1. Thank you Richard for your dedication. I have been involved in your work for decades. I have an infratonic 9 which is used religiously. Any idea when this can be traded up for the new chi palm?

  2. “There is a growing world-wide awakening that we can no longer trust big government and big tech to care about us.”

    We get the government we choose. Repeating a variation of Reagan’s “government is the” problem affords abuse of government programs, especially by the very well off or well connected, and a government that makes everyone else at least jump through hoops for information, services, and basic answers.

    And “big tech” not caring comes directly from our choice of government policies or lack of. What do you suppose “deregulation” means? It doesn’t simply mean that illegal monopolies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are allowed to form, it means that by design government is hobbled in what it can do about the likes of Facebook or Google deciding what is a fact.

    Here’s a local to Reno example: Apple pretends its US operations are based there to avoid taxation in California. Of course that’s preposterous. And Tesla, which does have very real operations in Nevada, is a massive recipient of government provided welfare to make cars that computer systems drive into concrete barriers and have significant quality control problems across the line, while paying workers in Richmond, CA, next to poverty wages in a factory substantially less safe than other auto plants.

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