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Everybody is different but everybody is exposed to stress 24/7, impacting the very quality of our lives.

Many years ago, I invested in an Infratonic 8000 [Latest Version is CHI Palm] from CHI Institute, an extremely reputable full-service company staffed with real people you can talk to and share your concerns with. They’ll help you figure out the best way to use their product to complement your health issues. They really do believe in their products and offer an unconditional 30-day Money Back Guarantee! They even have a speedy Repair and Service. Dept.

I am 66 with multiple mild to severe health issues and the Infratonic allows me to treat them all successfully… from liver, gallbladder and thyroid problems to insect bites, sunburn, bumps, sprains, scratches, teethaches, canker sores, enflamed gums, headaches, sore throat, burns, eyestrain from computer and sun, muscle and joint aches, surgery for bleeding ulcers, constipation, indigestion, and upset stomach.

Before I had my Infratonic I worried so much about my health I had trouble sleeping at night and suffered anxiety attacks which left me shaken and fearful for hours. Now I just place the wand on whichever part of my body needs the attention and go by feel to determine duration of treatment… it doesn’t get much simpler than that. Subtle yet profound, relaxing yet invigorating… the Infratonic calms while healing my body, mind and spirit. Now I enjoy 8 hrs. of sleep most nights and feel much less anxious and fearful.

I just close my eyes and pay quiet attention to my body while using the Infratonic. Then my body slowly relaxes as it releases deep, long-held stress and tension.

Having an Infratonic is like having a live-in healer. I turn to it for relief 24/7 and it has definitely upgraded the quality of my life!  5 out of 5 stars.

Pamela Tong

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