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I am 65 yrs old and have been using Infratonic machines for nearly 20 yrs. I got my first one right after having knee surgery for torn cartilage. At my first post-op visit, the doctor and the physical therapist were amazed at how little my knee had swollen. I knew then that the product worked. It surely sped up the healing process and greatly relieved my pain.

Since then, I have used it for a variety of injuries including tennis elbow, sprained ankle, fractured wrist and rotator cuff shoulder strain. I’m convinced this machine was the reason I was even able to avoid surgery in some cases.

I lent the machine to friends and family when they had injuries and they had the same wonderful experience that I did. Whenever I upgrade, I give my older unit to my sister who also swears by it.

This new unit [Latest Version is CHI Palm] is even more convenient because it is cordless and therefore easier to maneuver. It doesn’t produce miracles, of course, but it does speed up healing and relieves pain. It is very durable as well so even though the initial cost is high, it will last you for many years. I highly recommend trying it; you will be glad you did.  5 out of 5 stars.


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