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I am a very satisfied user of the Infratonic 8000 [Latest Version is CHI Palm] for my human patients.

Vibrational sound therapy is a very effective way to dampen down cellular frequencies that are disturbed due to tissue trauma, muscle spasm, stress, etc. Like all therapies, the patient and the doctor are a team, to allow for the life forces of the human body to re-establish cellular repair and further communication with other organs and systems.

Sound therapy is non invasive, soothing, and increases a relaxation of the tissue to allow for a proper blood flow to the injured tissue relieving the tissue of traumatic chemical residue and promoting repair and homeostasis by oxygenating the affected area and thus relieving pain and inflammation in an appropriate time period.

I have used the Infratonic in short therapy sessions and longer periods as well.  I have had patients give me feedback on their pain or injury and always receive positive feedback and appreciation. I have also seen and used the Infratonic with animal injuries and wounds with good results and good, honest feedback.

I hope your results are as good as mine continue to be.

Dr. John – 5 out of 5 stars

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