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Infratonic Sound has a very interesting background. It seems that we all generate some low frequency, Infratonic sound. However it was detrmined that Chinese Qui Gong Masters and some children put out significantly higher amounts of Infratonic sound.

For over 15 years CHI Institute has been refining and developing equipment to simulate the health promoting Infratonic sound of the Qui Gong Masters.

I have been using CHI Institute’s Infratonic machines for over a dozen years. Each new generation of Infratonic machines seems to build upon and expand the success of previous models.

I think it is very significant that the two newest CHI Institute Infratonic machines, the Infratonic 9 and the Mobile Medic, both run on DC power, because most of us are regularly exposed to and absorb AC power.  DC power, as used in the Mobile Medic and the Intratonic 9, is the kind of electrical power that we all naturally generate.

I tried out a prototype Mobile Medic a few years ago, and now I am saving up for an Infratonic 9 [Latest Version is CHI Palm] to help reduce my lower back pain which has recently flared up. I am using an Infratonic QGM which is over a dozen years old. It helps with my back pain, but I think an upgrade to an Infratonic 9 would help even more.

I gave an Infratonic 8 I owned, to a friend who needed it more than I did. It has enabled her, so far, to avoid high risk back surgery. The same Infratonic 8 machine helped my sister recover from serious abdominal surgery.

In my opinion, Infratonic equipment is not a panacea, but it is a very supportive, drug and side effects-free, health promoting, healing modality.  5 out of 5 stars.

John Christianson


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