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I am a vessel for Joy, Love and Bliss.

That Irritating Buzz in the Nervous System

The world is alive inside of me. The way I feel today is the way the human body was designed to be, a vessel for Joy, Love, and Bliss, Unlimited Curiosity and Unlimited Sovereignty. That’s just this morning, of course. In our modern world we are restricted and repressed through fear, trauma, WiFi, and repression, and on the inside, with pesticides, heavy metals, and pharmaceuticals. It appears that all of these influences have a similar effect on our cells. They scream with desperation. This cellular scream interferes with our mental clarity, our emotional equanimity, and our ability to get restful sleep. Many describe this as an irritating buzz.

The original seed that led to the development of the CHI Sun came when Karen complained about feeling an uncomfortable buzz in her body when people who had been vaccinated entered the dress shop where she volunteered. She asked me to develop a device that would get rid of this buzz. This started me on the project to develop the CHI Sun.

Vaccination Symptoms

Today I was talking with Allecia who has been conducting animal communication therapy sessions over Zoom. Allecia has spent years studying qigong and yoga and perfecting her skills as a dog trainer, an animal communicator, and a distance healer. She told me that she is aware of, a center of awareness within her which she calls a “heart bubble.” I might call this something like a soul connection or emotional intelligence.

When she was working with clients on the phone who had been recently vaccinated she told me that she often feels an uncomfortable buzzing in her heart. Then, a few days ago, she called to say that, while speaking with a client she noticed that it felt like her heart bubble was being pulled out of her body through her head. She was left with a disoriented sense of deadness and anxiousness, along with a mental fuzziness and a difficulty making decisions. She said It took time and effort to pull her heart bubble back into her chest. She realized that this buzz may have often tended to push her heart bubble out of her body. She paid attention and noticed that there was an abrupt shift in her chest as the buzzing started and began to pull her heart bubble out of place. She discovered that, if she is not vigilant, it pops outside of her head and she feels dissociated after the session. She has also learned that, if she keeps the CHI Sun stored in her bra, she can push the button at the initial feel of the buzzing and the tug on her heart bubble. The buzzing and pulling stops within seconds. She finds that the first setting, not the birds tweeting but the quiet one, is the most effective at disengaging the disorienting buzzing, allowing her to provide higher quality sessions and saving her the time of recentering after her sessions.

Irritating Buzz

As I write this I remember that Joel, the Clairvoyant DNA communicator had described inflammation as a cell-generated signal that is chaotic, a “frequency of inflammation”. He went further: “This chaotic scream tells the system that the cells are panicked, in danger, and needing soothing. (metaphor: screaming baby)” . This would seem to describe the buzz what Karen and Allecia felt. Yet they didn’t get it from heavy metals or toxins in their cells, but rather, received it from a distance. Karen felt it from a distance of several feet, and Allecia, over thousands of miles through some sort of telepathic link, or perhaps through the world wide web along copper wires and fiber optics.

Joel also offered:

“The CHI Sun helps an emotionally destabilized person to “reconnect with reality” so that they aren’t so consumed by their emotional loop. And ideally, they’ll be closer to acknowledging their capacity for courage.” This might describe the recovery Allecia felt from emotional numbness to heart centeredness.

This perspective may define inflammation in a new way. Is it simply cells that are destabilized by any of a number of factors such as processed food, EMF, or exposure to a person who has inflammatory stress. It may be the scream from billions of these cells that creates a force that pushes on the heart bubble or otherwise pushes our conscious awareness out of the body.

CHI Sun, Anytime

A systems engineer by training, he moved early in his career from efficient use of fossil fuel energy to efficient use of human energy. Human consciousness is severely crippled in most all of us compared to the full potentials of consciousness so Richard has made studying and optimizing human consciousness into a 30 year career choice.

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