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Immune Response in Rabbits Treated with Intrattonic

Immune Response Improvement with Infratonic Resonance Device


Rabbit Infratonic Immune System
Study Summary

The goal of this study was to investigate the effect of the Infratonic® therapy in the immune system of rabbits with a respiratory infection. Changes in body temperature and antibody levels were analyzed in two groups of 6 rabbits each, one group was treated with the Infratonic and the second group was the control. The results indicate that the Infratonic therapy helps to reduce fluctuations in body temperature and accelerates the immune response allowing the rabbits to recover faster from an infection.

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  1. What settings on the Chipalm would be used and where on a 3 pound pet senior bunny with mild arthritis (feet) and another one in general good health? Thanks for the blog, research articles, etc.! I’m currently trying to read each and every one!

  2. Hmmmm…A three pound bunny. In the original study, the therapy was applied to the upper spine using the rough equivalent to the Balance setting. This is an excellent point for calmness and increased immune response. For the arthritic feet, you might try leaving it on the ground facing up on Balance and let the bunny decide the best way to treat. It might be cuddling close.

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