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Nessor Technology and Reactive Lies

The infrasonic technology of the CHI Palm and earlier units is very effective at reducing inflammation, calming emotions, and accelerating recovery. While this works well with most acute physical and emotional pain in the world today, I saw that there was another layer, an unconscious layer of reactive programs behind a great deal of emotional suffering and sometimes outbreaks of physical pain and inflammation. While the primary signal of the CHI Palm is alpha, and it is delivered in an acoustical and magnetic format, I started researching much lower frequency signals delivered in an electrostatic format. But how did I get there?

Dancing into My Future

Many have been pushed to the end of their rope. Or so they think. In fact, we are capable beyond…

Reactive Lies VS. Foundational Truths

You know that little voice in your head or feeling in your heart? The one that helps you make decisions…

Nessor Therapy Guide – The Nessor Remembering Project

This shows my research in developing the Nessor. It is great reading to help you get the most out of the Nessor function of the CHI Palm.

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