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How does the Infratonic 9 reduce cellular trauma?

The Infratonic 9 produces highly unpredictable signals in the range of the brain’s EEG (electroencephalogram) activity, which is an important frequency range in which the body’s cells communicate with each other. This unpredictable signal easily penetrates the vibrational defenses of the tissue and breaks up abnormal cellular communication that would otherwise call for cells to produce inflammation, edema, chronic pain and other abnormal cellular responses. This Infratonic signal also induces cellular activity in the range of the brain’s “alpha rhythm” which induces calm clarity and cooperation among the treated cells, which results in production of chemicals that accelerate healing.

When we use the Infratonic 9, we introduce highly unpredictable signals into a structured environment of cellular trauma to break up the structure and encourage this chaotic cellular communication to reorganize into a higher level of communication based on cooperation.

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