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CHI Stone


The CHI Stone is a small biotechnology device that strengthens your electrostatic field (also called your Jing field in traditional Chinese medicine), providing protection against hazardous emotions while in chaotic situations. Maintain a sense of calm in even the most stressful circumstances, from travelling long distances to being in large crowds.

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The CHI Stone transmits pulses less than one-fortieth of a microsecond in length. These pulses are delivered to the energy field around the body at unpredictable times by a plasma cell inside the Stone carrying a charge of 10,000 volts/meter. This causes the Jing (electrostatic) field of the body to densify slightly, protecting from the emotions of others and loss of vitality from a harsh environment. Your vital field densifies to provide you with better energetic armor. You will feel much more grounded whenever you wear the CHI Stone.


  • Improved focus
  • Energy lasts longer
  • Boosts immune system
  • Less influenced/bothered by others’ emotions or frustrating situations
  • Protection from emotional hazards (ex. aggressive drivers, crying children, etc.) and travel sickness
  • Protection from air travel’s harsh environment (anxiety, pain, fatigue, post-flight exhaustion, etc.)
  • Press white button and keep within one (1) inch of your body
  • You will know it’s on when you see the orange light flash every few seconds
  • To turn off: press and hold same button until light flashes quickly, then release (flashing will stop when unit is off)
CHI Stone and Air Travel

What the CHI Stone Teaches

It makes your vital field less permeable to outside energetic influences, including the adverse environment found on an airplane and the emotional discomfort found in shopping centers and crowds generally. It…

Strengthening the Vital Field with the CHI Stone.

Strengthening the Vital Field with the CHI Stone.

The Chi Stone has taught us that there really is a human vital field by repeatedly making it stronger. This can easily be verified through blinded, placebo-controlled protocols. Here are…

CHI Stone & Anxious Feelings

CHI Stone and Anxious Feelings

One of our first discoveries with the early versions of the CHI Stone was that people who used to be afraid of flying could fly freely without fear when they wore the…

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CHI Stone: Jumpstart to Recovery

In the first study I noticed that groceries were being left at the door of the apartment across from mine. I knocked on the door and my neighbor, Julie answered.…

Transform Your Travel Experience with the CHI Stone | Kristina Sullivan Explains

Join Kristina Sullivan from Sanctuary Within as she shares her incredible experiences with the CHI Stone, especially during her travels.…

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The Story Behind the CHI Stone

Elevate your wellbeing with the CHI Stone, a compact biotechnology marvel engineered to fortify your electrostatic field—known as your Jing…

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How can the CHI Stone help me?

The CHI Stone protects your vital field to maintain a peaceful composure and remain clear-headed, in even the most stressful situations. Especially useful while travelling or in large crowds, the Stone aims to keep feelings of frustration, anxiety, and tiredness from affecting your experience.

How long does the battery last?

When full, the battery within the CHI Stone will last for 1,000 hours.

How long do I need to use the CHI Stone?

This is very dependent on each person and their situation. We recommend starting usage when at least 1-2 hours before travel starts and continue using it until you reach your destination. At that point, you can either keep using the Stone throughout the length of your stay or only use it when you feel you need the extra boost.

*Please be aware that even though you cannot overuse the Stone, it is not recommended to use it intermittently when you face adverse conditions continuously in your day-to-day life. As its  goal is to protect your vital field by resisting high levels of negative and draining emotions, it is less effective can backfire if you use the Stone constantly and then stop using it for any reason (ex. battery died, it was lost, etc.). Without that protection that you’ve become used to, any negative emotions can become overwhelming and impact you much harder than it would have.

2 reviews for CHI Stone

  1. karen meece

    I use this on auto trips and would never get on a plane without it in my pocket. This stone has proven itself time and again. I believe it even helps with my motion sickness. I highly recommend!

    • Mandi Christy

      Hello Karen,

      We are so glad you have found the CHI Stone beneficial for not only your travels but your motion sickness as well!

      -The CHI Team

  2. Sandra MacDougall (verified owner)

    Got my Chi Stone Saturday
    Already noticing more vitality. Been using Infratonic 8 and 9 for almost 20 years. Can’t wait to upgrade that device.

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Airplane Safe

Emits no radio interference


CR2032 battery provides up to 1,000 hours of operation


.1875 lbs


1.5 x 1.25 x .5 in
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