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Richard's Corner

Welcome to Richard’s corner! Here you will find extremely in depth information on CHI Institute, our mission, healing, ideas on the world and more. Read through Richard’s blog and enjoy his depth of articles . Use our “Ask The Inventor” section to submit a question directly to Richard.

We are glad you’re here. Let us know how we can help you along your journey.

Richards Corner
Dive deep into the world of Richard's writing
Chaos Healing Therapy

Riding the Wild Chaos: A Journey to Accelerated Healing

Chaos Theory offers an amazing window into healing. From this perspective, living beings are self-organizing…

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AI Intelligence vs Human Intuition

The Battle of Minds: Artificial Intelligence Versus the Power of Human Intuition

Will Artificial Intelligence surpass human intelligence? The media fills the airwaves and the cyberwives with…

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We are made for chaos

Thriving in Chaos: How Our Adaptability Defends Against Disinformation

At all levels of life, we find the phenomenon of self-organizing intelligence. Even single cell…

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How Does Emotion Shape Inflammation?

Emotional Inflammation: Exploring the Unseen Influence on Our Body’s Reaction

A crowd can become inflamed before charging into battle. Kindling must become inflamed before it…

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Inflammation: A Symphony of Cells in Distress

Inflammation and the Body’s Cry: Decoding the Cellular Primal Scream

When cells feel threatened, they react. Often they act intelligently. When we get a splinter,…

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Setting Fire to Misconceptions: The Real Deal on Inflammation

We kick off with an overview of inflammation - its purpose, and its benefits. In…

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CHI Palm Infratonic 11

CHI Palm: The History and Research

Discover the benefits of the CHI Palm Infratonic 11: This article explores the technology, research, and science behind this incredible device.
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Choosing Brain Coherence

Fear and change often cause the brain to shift from focused purposefulness to frazzled jumpiness.…

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A Mindset for Miracles

A Mindset of Miracles

In our setting, our surroundings, we need a challenge or an obstacle. Our surroundings can…

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Do You Struggle?

Do you struggle?

It often seems that life is nothing but struggle. Why do we sometimes feel it…

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Relationship Struggles

Surviving the Holiday Struggle

I have always had trouble with Christmas. Maybe it’s the obligation to a buy everyone…

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Why Does Disillusionment Hurt So Much

Why does Disillusionment Hurt So Much?

We have all had someone betray us or abandon us, whether family, friends, at school…

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