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AI Intelligence vs Human Intuition

The Battle of Minds: Artificial Intelligence Versus the Power of Human Intuition

The Inflammation Inferno: Shattering Established Beliefs
1. Setting Fire to Misconceptions: The Real Deal on Inflammation
2. Inflammation and the Body’s Cry: Decoding the Cellular Primal Scream
3. Emotional Inflammation: Exploring the Unseen Influence on Our Body’s Reaction
4. Revitalize Your Health: Cleansing and Resetting DNA to Alleviate Allergies
5. The Battle of Minds: Artificial Intelligence Versus the Power of Human Intuition

Will Artificial Intelligence surpass human intelligence? The media fills the airwaves and the cyberwives with a big, bold YES. They claim it is inevitable as computers get faster and they gain access to all the information on the web.

When I first arrived in Reno, I was out for a hike. It was autumn so I was brushing against dry brush. I must have brushed my hand to my eye because it became terribly swollen. I could have gotten eye drops to bring down the swelling, but instead, I decided to watch what would happen if I trusted the problem to my immune system. My eye became so swollen that I covered it with a patch so others would not need to look at it. As it turned out, when my eye was better, it was much better than before. The vision had improved dramatically. It appeared that the inflammation had dissolved the pre-cataract cloudiness in the lens. This suggests that, whenever we use an anti-inflammatory agent to repress our immune system, we may be blocking the healing our immune system is attempting to accomplish.

I say Poppycock!

When you go to see your doctor would you like them to listen to you, look at your tongue and palpate any lumps then tell you what they see or suspect, perhaps saying, come back in a week if the symptoms persist. Or would you prefer that they type part of what you say into a computer, then write you a prescription for a pharmaceutical based on what the computer says?

In the first case, your doctor is basing his assessment on his years of experience, his education, and any intuitive insights he gets. In the second case, he is largely excluding his own judgement to use an AI diagnosis tool that was developed through big pharma funding to sell more drugs. These AI systems may suggest diagnoses and drugs that prove to be useful. Thus, they are just tools. However, when we trust AI systems to proclaim “Truth” we become the blind following the corporate special interests.

Soccer Goalie

Decades ago, back when we first introduced the “Chaos” Infratonic, a martial arts instructor told us that he teaches how to anticipate the next move of their opponents by feeling the movement of energy they produce. I traveled to meet him and to learn more. His seven year old son had become very good at sensing these energy flows. Also, he could feel the energies of, and see the colors of, and discern the differences between the energy flows emanating from the original Infratonic and the Chaos Infratonic. He said one emanated blue and the other emanated gold! Amazing. This visit contributed to the development of the CHI Palm.

This boy went on to become a soccer goalie. His ability to sense the energies and intentions of opponents allowed his team to go undefeated for the season because he knew in advance where the ball was going to go. He became secretive about this abnormal skill. This boy then went on to study medicine and became a surgeon. His skill allows him to literally monitor your vital field as he works, often anticipating problems and outcomes before they happen. Would you trust the latest AI system or this physician?

Artificial Intelligence is no match for human intelligence, but only if we cultivate and use our intuition.

A systems engineer by training, he moved early in his career from efficient use of fossil fuel energy to efficient use of human energy. Human consciousness is severely crippled in most all of us compared to the full potentials of consciousness so Richard has made studying and optimizing human consciousness into a 30 year career choice.

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